Rising Stars Award Program

Voting platform for choosing the hottest young content marketer of the year

Rising Stars


Create a simple voting platform featuring Rising Stars nominees, related content and profile interviews which is an integrated experience in the Outbrain blog.



Together with a project manager, business stakeholder and developer, I developed a responsive voting platform where users could vote, voting could be closed, and a winner announced. I worked with an outsource development team in Israel, and ensured that our regular status meetings were efficient and productive with regular checkins on functionality/design issues. I created wireframes and functional specs for the website as well as requirements for the CMS for editors. I worked daily with the development team on design QA after high fidelity designs were implemented.



– The order of nominees on the landing page was randomized upon user re-entering the page to ensure all nominees had equal opportunity to land at top of page

– Option to view nominees ranking order

– Mobile version encouraged voting by providing simple scroll browsing and easy access to voting button

– Editors could modify the page through the CMS depending on the stage of the challenge (ex: close the voting, announce winner)

– customizable right rail announcing events, links to other pages and related content


On a very tight budget we were able to release a fully-functional responsive mini-site which exceeded the goal of 2000 email address captures. Due to this years success the program has been set to expand in budget and scope for 2016.


Rising Stars Landing Page

Upon mouseover of nominee profiles, users would activate the call to action to vote. Click would either register a vote or activate ‘Sign Up to Vote’ call to action (slide in drawer from bottom of page) if user had not yet signed up.


Responsive Voting Pages

Mobile responsive page encouraged voting by providing simple scroll browsing and easy access to voting button. When voting was closed, editors could remove voting and sign up functionality. Responsive site collapsed the secondary navigation into it’s own dropdown which included the social sharing functionality.

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