Outbrain Website Redesign

A redesign of the Outbrain marketing website

Outbrain Website Redesign


Align website user experience and design to company updated look/feel and business goals focusing on Amplify product.



Using goals/objectives as a guide, I focused on redesign of most important pages first including homepage, Amplify product page and new case studies pages. I presented to stakeholders for buy-in on design and user-flow, created mobile responsive designs, and worked with developer in a design and functionality QA process to launch pages within very tight deadlines.



– Responsive

– Homepage hero features prominent Amplify product CTA with slider to Engage product

– Hero rotating images upon page reload

– Clickable logos currently lead to case study PDFs, will lead to individual HTML case studies pages

– Two amplify product pages tailored to small businesses and brands respectively

– Engage product page interactive animations

– Office location interactive map

– Upcoming: Amplify page ‘See it Live’ module where user can preview the product with their own content

– Upcoming: Case studies pages



The recent launch of redesigned homepage and Amplify pages significantly increased user engagement (time on page) and conversion rate on all three pages. The launch of the initial site redesign was a baseline for analytics measurement as previous website had no analytics.


Amplify Product Page

The integration of a ‘See it Live’ module will allow the user to see the way their content could be integrated into a recommendation module at the bottom of a publisher page. This is an interactive experience where users enter their URL and an image/headline from the site will be pulled into the module. Desktop, tablet and mobile formats are all available for viewing.


Case Studies Landing Page

Filtering of case studies by industry and/or objective will allow for easy access to pertinent case studies. Featured case studies stand out in large-format at the top of the page and rollover activates appearance of main headline.

The individual case studies page allow for quick overview or in-depth analysis of Outbrain’s solution. This page is scalable for varied text-lengths and results call-outs. Mobile view collapses sections for optional expansion to allow for digestible page-length.

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