Fork Mobile App

Simple app to solve the bill math problem!

Fork Mobile App UX


Create a mobile application which easily splits restaurant/food bills and connects to the latest mobile pay applications.



I am working in a small team as the UX/UI designer. I have led persona-creation, written interview scripts, conducted competitive research analysis, user research, interviews and user tests. I also created user flows, wireframes and high fidelity mockups. I am currently working on prototype testing and design iterations while our developer works to integrate external software into the app.



– read and import receipts

– Pay via Venmo

– Add friends from Venmo

– Future: integrate additional mobile pay platforms

– Future: add cash, credit card payments

– Future: social



This project is ongoing.

Affinity Mapping

Using responses from user interviews in affinity mapping to refine user persona.



Created and refined persona based on user interviews.



Initial wireframe used for interactive prototype testing. Here is what I learned from testing:


  • too many features
  • users confused at main objective of the app
  • bill breakdown/scan screen too busy

High Fidelity Mockups

High fidelity mockups integrated user feedback from wireframe prototype tests.


  • landing screen with prominent calls to action to direct user to specific actions
  • reduced number of features: harnessed Venmo’s ability to send reminders instead of integration into our application
  • removed ‘split evenly’ button (this is often done with credit cards via restaurant server)
  • simplified screens and flows after receipt scanned
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